Houston Testnet Phase 2 - "Orbit Phase"


  1. Install Metamask
  • If you don't have the Metamask extension already installed on your browser, you can easily get it from one of the following links depending on your browser of choice:
  1. Host or deploy a node on one of the Blast Supported Networks using the configuration described here.

If you joined the testnet during this phase please follow the steps bellow, you can also consult our documentation for explicit tutorials. If you are already a participant from the previous phases skip to Step 7

Onboarding and registration 🎒

  1. Head over to and click Become a Node Provider
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message to complete registration.
  3. Once you have reached your dashboard, an empty list My nodes should be displayed. Here is where the exciting part begins!

Node registration

  1. Kick off your first node registration by clicking on +Register New Node. Pretty straightforward, right?
  2. You can refine the list of available node slots by clicking Filter.
  3. Once you select a slot, you are 4 steps away from registering your node.
    1. Set the required Name and, if desired, the optional Description field;
    2. Make sure the RPC and WSS (if applicable) addresses are set correctly since any typos may lead to a failed onboarding Note: Node registration will not be allowed using IP addresses or Blast generated endpoints Endpoints
    3. Review your data and wrap it out by clicking Next;
    4. Your Node has been registered; congrats!

Node monitoring missions 📍

  1. Once your node has been registered, it will be continuously monitored for performance and data integrity. Please keep an eye on your node status within the Blast platform and on your own monitoring so that you'll be able to spot any misalignments. What we check: 1. Data integrity - we verify that the data returned by your node is correct and not corrupted in any way. Keep in mind that there is a zero-tolerance policy for data integrity breaches and nodes that do that will immediately be jailed 2. Latency checks 1. Light requests: 500ms 2. Heavy requests (eth_getLogs): <5s - only applicable for EVM compatible chains 3. Up-time: 99.95% 4. Sync state check: 99.99%

  2. If any of the evaluations fail, the Node will be jailed and will stop receiving rewards for the jailing period

  3. Nodes are automatically taken out of jail if the issues get fixed based on the following schedule:

    • 1st attempt after 15 minutes
    • 2nd attempt after another 30 minutes
    • 3rd attempt after another 60 minutes
    • Every 60 minutes for the next 72 hours

If the problems persist after 72 hours the node will be Deactivated and its slot will be released. If you want to learn more about how the integrity protocol works you can find more in our documentation

  1. If you consider your node was jailed without a proper justification please report the situation and a thorough description via our bug submission form

Staking pool and rewards 🏆

  1. A staking pool can be created if your node has passed the onboarding and is in an Active state, also you will be required to stake a minimum of 3000 BWR (testnet tokens). The tokens will be sent to you on the address you supplied in your registration form.

  2. The staking mechanism and reward system is described in our documentation, please read it carefully and let us know if your claimable rewards don't seem right.

  3. New rewards should be available every 24 hours but it would be helpful if you'd vary your claiming interval from each epoch to waiting several epochs.

  4. You also have to option to restake your tokens instead of claiming and we would like you to test it at least once during this phase and specify it in the Phase Submission Form.

  5. Withdraw self-staked tokens by clicking Unstake. There is a minimum of 3000 BWR, for maintaining your Staking Pool active. Once the unstaking begins, there is a waiting period until the end of the epoch for the BWR to be withdrawn.

  6. Once the unstaking begins, there is a waiting period until the end of the epoch for the BWR to be withdrawn.

  7. The Staking Pool can be terminated and a new one can be created on the same node.

Feedback form 📝

Please fill in the Phase Completion Form so that your contribution will be taken into account. Please keep in mind that in order to receive any rewards during this testnet all the Phase submission forms are mandatory and will be the main indicator of your performance. Here are some aspects you should keep in mind while submitting your form to get a maximum number of points for this phase:

  1. Each should be monitored separately and compared with the status provided by Blast.
  2. Let us know if you feel like your node is jailed for no reason.
  3. Your rewards will be available to be claimed at the end of each epoch and not before.
  4. Rewards can be claimed without any glitches.
  5. Rewards can be restaked.
  6. Self-staked tokens can be successfully unstaked.
  7. Once the staking pool is terminated, a new one cannot be created for the same node.
  8. Please share any other challenges you may have encountered while completing the mission's steps.