Houston Testnet Phase 1 - "Launch Phase"


  1. Install Metamask
  • If you don't have the Metamask extension already installed on your browser, you can easily get it from one of the following links depending on your browser of choice:
  1. Host or deploy a node on one of the Blast Supported Networks using the configuration described here.

Initiate Launch phase 🚀

  1. Head over to and click Become a Node Provider.
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message to complete registration.
  3. Once you have reached your dashboard, an empty list of My nodes should be displayed. Here is where the exciting part begins!

Node registration ✏️

  1. Kick off your first node registration by clicking on +Register New Node. Pretty straightforward, right?
  2. You can refine the list of available node slots by clicking Filter.
  3. Once you select a slot, you are 4 steps away from registering your node.
    1. Set the required Name and, if desired, the optional Description field;
    2. Make sure the RPC and WSS (if applicable) addresses are set correctly since any typos may lead to a failed onboarding Note: Node registration will not be allowed using IP addresses or Blast generated endpoints Endpoints
    3. Review your data and wrap it out by clicking Next;
    4. Your Node has been registered; congrats!

Node onboarding

  1. The first step in the onboarding process is geolocating. In the background, each node is assigned to the nearest cluster relative to the node’s location. Check the Geographical region reflected on your node's dashboard, once it gets into the Active state.
  2. After the node is allocated to a cluster, the onboarding process continues by running an integrity and performance verification set in the background. Check the status of your node:
  • Onboarding: The onboarding stage is not finished yet; If it takes longer than 5 minutes and your node is still in the - onboarding phase, please mention it in the feedback form.
  • Failed: The node has failed the onboarding process. Update the RPC and WSS (if applicable) addresses accordingly and wait for the node to become active; If the URLs are correct and the status is failed, please let us know in the feedback form.
  • Active: your node is responding to Blast users requests and you can create a staking pool;

Staking Pool Creation


  • Active node registered on the platform for any of the supported networks
  • A minimum of 3000 BWR in the MetaMask account used to connect to Blast Note: Creating a Staking Pool and staking the required BWR amount is a mandatory condition for a node to start receiving rewards.
  1. Staking Pools give third-party node owners the option to stake BWR tokens in order to earn an APY.
  2. To create a staking pool, navigate to the Staking Pool tab and click the create button. Note: If your node is still in the “onboarding” phase, don’t panic; give it a few more minutes until it becomes active and your operations in the staking pool will become available.
  3. Add a minimum Staking value of 3000BWR, Commissions percentage in 1-100% range, then hit Create Staking Pool. If you can create a stacking pool with less than the minimum required, please let us know in the feedback form.
  4. You are now ready to stake BWR tokens and accept delegations.
  5. Warmed up to the flow? Hold your horses, there are more missions to come.
  6. Let's wrap this up and brag about it on Twitter.

Feedback form 📝

For the phase to be considered completed on your part and to make sure you obtain the maximum score for this phase, please keep under consideration the following aspects while filling in the feedback form:

  1. A node provider account can smoothly be created.
  2. A node can be registered, and a staking pool can be created without any glitches.
  3. A node cannot be registered without correctly setting both RPC and WSS (if applicable) addresses.
  4. Once the node is registered, the onboarding should not take longer than 5 minutes.
  5. Check that all the values you have filled in are reflected within the platform.
  6. Please share any other challenges you may have encountered while completing the mission's steps.

Note: Please remember that without submitting the feedback form, you will not be eligible for any rewards in the Launch Phase.