Houston Testnet Phase 3 - "Landing Phase"


  1. Install Metamask
  • If you don't have the Metamask extension already installed on your browser, you can easily get it from one of the following links depending on your browser of choice:
  1. Host or deploy a node on one of the Blast Supported Networks using the configuration described here.

If you joined the testnet during this phase, please follow the steps below; you can also consult our documentation for explicit tutorials. If you are already a participant from the previous phases skip to Step 7

Onboarding and registration 🎒

  1. Head over to and click Become a Node Provider
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet and sign a message to complete registration.
  3. Once you have reached your dashboard, an empty list My nodes should be displayed. Here is where the exciting part begins!

Node registration

  1. Kick off your first node registration by clicking on +Register New Node. Pretty straightforward, right?
  2. You can refine the list of available node slots by clicking Filter.
  3. Once you select a slot, you are 4 steps away from registering your node.
    1. Set the required Name and, if desired, the optional Description field;
    2. Make sure the RPC and WSS (if applicable) addresses are set correctly since any typos may lead to a failed onboarding Note: Node registration will not be allowed using IP addresses or Blast generated endpoints Endpoints
    3. Review your data and wrap it out by clicking Next;
    4. Your Node has been registered; congrats!

Bug Hunting missions 📍

  1. We encourage all the participants in this phase to try and find issues or possible improvements within the Blast platform.
  2. All improvement ideas or bugs can be submitted using this form. The more ideas or bug will get you higher chances to gain extra points and increase your possible BWR token rewards once the Mainnet is live
  3. UI/UX feedback or other improvement ideas can be rewarded as well if deemed actionable by the team.

Bug hunting hints 👀

  • Multiple Nodes can smoothly be onboarded
  • Each node can be separately monitored.
  • Get your node Jailed and then recover to Active.
  • Cause the deactivation of a Jailed node.
  • Use a VPN provider for multi-region scenarios.
  • Register the same node multiple times.
  • Can you trick the rewards system and earn more than you should?
  • Try to unstake more than the minimum required value of 3000BWR.
  • Keep a stacking pool active with an amount lower than 3000BWR.
  • Withdrawn the unstaked BWR before the end of the current epoch waiting period.
  • Claim rewards when having no pending rewards
  • Restake rewards when having no pending rewards
  • Set commission fee for a pool outside the range:1% - 100%
  • Try out any corner cases that you might think of. Really ANY.
  • Feedback is constructive, so if you feel like something is missing from the puzzle, let us know.

Feedback form 📝

Please fill in the Phase Completion Form so that your contribution will be taken into account. Please keep in mind that in order to receive any rewards during this testnet, all the Phase submission forms are mandatory and will be the main indicator of your performance. Here are some aspects you should keep in mind while submitting your form in order to get a maximum number of points for this phase:

  • For this phase, any general feedback on the UX flows, Integrity protocol, Staking or anything else you can think of, will be valuable for our team.