Blast Houston Testnet

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The Bware Labs, Houston Incentivized testnet is a series of challenges for future Node Providers aimed at helping them to prepare, learn and potentially earn sufficient funds to run their nodes once the mainnet staking protocol is launched. The testnet will consist of 3 phases, focused on different aspects that will cover testing integrity issues, registration flows, staking rewards distribution. Receiving the necessary funds to run a mainnet node will be conditioned by the completion of all the Houston testnet missions.

The Bware Labs team will provide all the required technical support on our testnet dedicated Discord channels. Any discovered bugs need to be raised using the following form while for each mission a feedback form will need to be submitted in order for its completion to be recognized,# Blast Houston Testnet

Summary 📕

  • The Houston testnet will have 3 Phases.
  • Participation will be limited to 300 Nodes with slots being opened on each phase.
  • To be rewarded, participants will need to have completed all missions for each phase. and submit a feedback form that will be available at the end of each form.
  • The source of truth during the testnet will be this site, the Testnet discord channels and our announcements within the community and Twitter.

Testnet goals 📌

  • Test and validate UX flows.
  • Test and validate Staking.
  • Validate integrity protocol.
  • Train and prepare Node Providers.
  • Gather feedback and improve the technology.
  • Grow the community.


Each phase will contain a pre-defined set of missions and will allow for a limited number of participants. The number of participants will gradually increase with each phase once the platform becomes more stable and fine tuned.

Phase 1 - Launch phase 🚀 (40 Nodes)

The main focus of the launch phase will be around creating Node Provider accounts, registering nodes and creating staking pools. The participants will be required to test and offer feedback on the general platform usability and UX flows. They will have to signal any blocking issues should they encounter any and will make sure the main functionality of the platform and integrity protocol is up and running. On the link below, you will find all the missions required to complete the launch phase. Once all missions are completed, please submit the Launch Phase Form to provide feedback. Remember that without the feedback form, your contribution cannot be recognized.

Phase 2 - Orbit phase 🛰️ (150 Nodes)

During the Orbit phase, participants will be required to monitor their node's behavior, check status accuracy and rewards distribution. As a Node Provider into the Blast ecosystem, you will be required to uphold strict reliability standards, which include, amongst others, being able to monitor your node independently. During this Node Providers will also be asked to monitor their nodes in order to check Blast Integrity Protocol accuracy and reward system.

Phase 3 - Landing phase 🔬 (Up to 300 Nodes)

In this phase, the participants and the Blast technical team will ensure everything is in place to start the decentralization of Blast in production. The focus of the last phase will be to find any potential corner cases or hidden issues that might have been overlooked. The missions will imply testing negative scenarios as well as the platform's response to negative behavior on the Node Provider part.

Community phase 🏛️ (150 Participants)

The community phase is intended to give our community and supporters the option to join Houston Testnet and earn rewards by helping us test the network from a user and delegator perspective. The main focus of this phase revolves around the delegation functionalities and user accounts. All participants will have to perform a set of missions and submit a feedback form in order to receive BWR token rewards.